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RETROrehab started as a series of interactive exercise games created by Good Boost as part of an industrial research project for healthy ageing, funded by the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) in 2022. These activities aim to gamify exercises that are regularly used as part of a rehabilitation programmes to improve coordination, balance and daily activities.

Good Boost has co-designed the digital exercise programmes with older adults, who have informed the exercises and gamified elements that are reflective of ‘arcade games’, making the exercises fun with game play based around existing arcade games concepts to minimise learning and on-boarding time.

RETROrehab is powered by Good Boost and has been developed with the support and input of Omdena

Good Boost is a social enterprise that develops digital technology to deliver affordable and accessible therapeutic exercise programmes for musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions.

Omdena is a platform to bring together the global AI community with impACT-driven organizations to educate, innovate, and build real-world AI solutions.

RETROrehab Logo

Powered by Good Boost

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